We asked an AI about jobs of the future

Economy | Izzo | 3 Minute Read

We asked an AI about jobs of the future

Economy | Izzo | 3 Minute Read
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RGC: Heyyyy lil robot. If you had to predict what jobs you think will exist in the future, what would you say?


Predicting the future is always speculative, but based on current technological, economic, and social trends, I can suggest several jobs that might emerge or become more prevalent in the future:

Space-Related Jobs:

Asteroid Miner: Extracting resources from asteroids.

Space Tour Guide: Guiding tourists on space voyages.

Space Habitat Designer/Builder: Designing living spaces for other planets or space stations.

Climate and Environment:

Climate Change Adaptation Specialist: Helping societies adapt to changing climate conditions.

Ocean/Atmosphere Drone Operator: Managing drones that monitor and perhaps counteract environmental changes.

Renewable Energy Technician: Specialising in installing and maintaining solar, wind, and other green technologies.


Personal Longevity Manager: Professionals who advise individuals on lifestyle, genetic editing, and treatments to extend life and health span.

Virtual/Augmented Reality Therapists: Utilising VR and AR for therapeutic purposes.


AI Trainer: Professionals who 'train' AI models in specialised domains.

Quantum Computer Programmer: Specialised in quantum algorithms and software.

Neural Implant Technician: Managing and troubleshooting brain-machine interfaces.

Human Augmentation:

Genetic Counsellor: Assisting couples in making informed decisions about genetic modifications for their children.

Augmentation Advisor: Consultants who advise on and implement physical, cognitive, and sensory augmentations.

Virtual Environments:

VR Estate Planner: Assisting in the creation and management of virtual property.

Digital Identity Manager: Professionals who manage online personas, ensuring security and positive digital footprints.

Virtual Educators: Specialising in teaching within VR/AR environments.

Economy and Business:

Circular Economy Consultant: Advising businesses on reusing and repurposing resources.

Personal Data Broker: Assisting individuals in monetising their personal data.

Remote Work Facilitator: Ensuring smooth operations for globally distributed teams.


Vertical Farm Consultant: Specialising in the creation and maintenance of urban vertical farms.

Synthetic Food Designer: Creating lab-grown or chemically synthesised foods.

Social and Lifestyle:

Digital Declutterer: Assisting people in organising and pruning their digital lives.

End-of-Life Planner: Helping people prepare for the digital aspects of their legacies.

Offline Experience Curator: Specialising in designing technology-free experiences for relaxation and digital detox.

Ethics and Policy:

AI Ethicist: Advising on ethical considerations in AI development.

Biotech Ethicist: Guiding moral and ethical aspects of biotechnological advancements.

RGC: Gross! I'm going to go live in the woods instead. Thanks, robot!

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