RGC Founder: Adam’s Introduction to the Good Jobs For Bad People Mission

Adam Williams | Good Jobs | 5 Minute Read

RGC Founder: Adam’s Introduction to the Good Jobs For Bad People Mission

Adam Williams | Good Jobs | 5 Minute Read
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Our economy, and subsequently the way we orient our lives, is changing faster than ever. Technology does not advance in a linear manner. It advances in an exponential one, but WTF does that mean? Theoretically, compared to the 20th century, the 21st century won’t experience one hundred years of technological advancement, but the equivalent of 20,000 years! This is not conspiratorial conjecture or the intuitions of a few radical experts. This is widely accepted amongst the scientific and technology communities. It’s known as Kurzweil's Law of Accelerating Returns.

Think back to 2007 when smart phones didn’t exist. In 15 short years our lives, our habits (for better or worse), our interests, our jobs, our recreations, our friendships, our families, our education, our news, our information, our intelligence, our entire economy has been completely and utterly reshaped. The smartphone was new hardware to interface existing technologies of the time - namely the internet and 3G communication. AI, the Internet of Things, Web3 and advancements in AR/VR technology are not just new interfaces but fundamentally new technologies with which to innovate upon. 

Through an economic lens, these new technologies are a huge opportunity to “improve” (Dr Evil quotations) our lives. On the whole I don't think these technologies will “improve” our lives, but simply make our lives and culture more productive and efficient. 

OK, stark reality: your job, as you know it now, will be replaced by a set of technological models smarter and faster than you. This is not to scaremonger but simply to open an exciting train of thought. “What comes next?” One thing is for certain. You will need to be adaptable. For those out there thinking about taking up a new skill, a new course or even an entire new vocation, I say to you, “DO IT!”. If you start now, in a year, when everyone feels the need to up-skill and learn more, you’ll be a year ahead. Take the plunge. Be brave. You’ll probably even enjoy your development.

In any case we’ve decided to launch a newsletter. A newsletter to help you (and us) navigate the crazy world of making-money, career building and hustling in a time where nothing is standing still. Good Jobs for Bad People is the new home for keeping you up to date on how to navigate the complicated changes in our economy: how to learn, how to earn, and how to stay ahead. There’ll be heaps of inspiration, tips and opportunities, minus the stress and doomsday vibes (this is really important!).

Who’s it for? Well, anyone! First jobbers, career transitioners or portfolio builders. Old, young or somewhere in between! Everyone is capable of learning and growing and all are welcome. 

What to expect? 

  • Job opportunities (from Really Good companies!)
  • Inspiring stories
  • Mega freebie giveaways (every issue!)
  • Gig work opportunities
  • Love
  • Support
  • Funnies 
  • Educational titbits

I’ll personally be writing my thoughts over the course of the next few months in an original Good Jobs For Bad People fortnightly series called Navigating the new with a smile on your face. I’ll be covering topics like: 

  • What’s coming next : technology’s impact on our culture and our lives
  • How to “earn” 
  • UBI
  • Social capital and the social commons
  • Understanding the qualities of ‘value’ - and what creating value means in 2024
  • Finding your team and collaborating (even as a solopreneur)
  • Projects and growing side-hustles
  • An Introduction to natural farming 

Final thoughts from me before I let you go. It’s worth calling out that we’re not a recruitment company and we won’t be building this community to make money from or off of you. We won’t be selling you to the highest bidder, nor will we be pushing you down any specific money-making schema. The end result being that we can maintain a sense of impartiality, integrity and empathy. 

To prove my point, here are 3 pictures of me being impartial, integral and empathetic respectively.

Love Adam x

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