How not to network

RGC | Good Jobs | 4 Minute Read

How not to network

RGC | Good Jobs | 4 Minute Read
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Networking events are generally meant to be professional settings where you make connections that could benefit your career. However, we know that there’s loads of those and they can be dull as dish water, so we try to make ours a little more casual. If you're a student looking to meet brands for part-time, casual work or internships, come along to our event on Feb 6th. However, there are some definite nos when it comes to any networking event.

1. It's not an Open Mic Night: It's cool to be engaging and funny, but remember, you're not there to perform a stand-up comedy routine. Keep jokes appropriate and relevant to the conversation. Unless you're desperate to get away from someone.

2. Don't be the Business Card flinger: Flinging business cards at every person you make eye contact with isn't networking; it's more likely to earn you'll the title of "paper menace" than valuable contact. Also, you don't need a print out CV, ask to connect with them on Linkedin or a personal email if the conversation goes well.

3. Don't be "The Name Dropper": Constantly mentioning every semi-important person you've ever met is cringe, not impressive and more eye-roll-inducing. Name-dropping is fine if it's relevant, but don't overdo it, but no one is interested that you've got a picture with Harry Redknapp.

4. Avoid Being a Close Talker: Respect personal space. Invading someone's personal bubble can turn a good conversation into an uncomfortable dance as they try to maintain a comfortable distance.

5. Check your handshake: Whether it's a bone-crusher or too limp, an awkward handshake can be an instant connection killer. Aim for a firm, but not overpowering, handshake. Everyone remembers a limp handshake and not for a good reason.

6. Avoid overdoing it if there's a bar: If it's a reasonably professional event, keep your drinking in check to avoid any embarrassing situations. But if you do embarrass yourself, tell us about it, because that would be funny.

7. Don't be a Cling-on: It's comfortable to stick with the first person you meet, but don't cling to them for the entire event, thats clinging, not mingling.

8. Ask questions, do your research: If you've gone to chat to someone in particular make sure you know enough about their business or company to have a good conversation with them.

9. Don't guilt trip: If you've applied to work at a company but haven't been successful, don't try and make them feel sorry for you

10. Don't chew gum, brush your teeth.

11. Don't chew someone's ear off: Try not to talk to anyone for more than 10 minutes. There will be lots of people who want to talk to each other, so don't be a hog.


1. Smile.

2. Wear something you feel comfortable and confident in. Suits are a bit old school, but if you feel great in one, wear it.

3. Ask questions, take an interest.

4. Be open minded! You never know who you could meet.

5. A little small talk is good. Launching straight into how amazing you are could be too intense.

6. Eye contact is good, but don't stare.

7. Remember, everyone is in the same boat.

8. The more you practice, the better you'll get.

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