6 Really Good Non-Alcoholic Spirits

Get in the spirit of sober curiosity with these saucy sips.

6 Really Good Non-Alcoholic Spirits

Get in the spirit of sober curiosity with these saucy sips.

Move over hot girl summer, this year we're having a sexy sober curious summer. Welcome to the sober era. We're trading in the booze, but not compromising on the good times. This is where 0% spirits enter the picture. You shouldn't have to order diet coke every time you wanna go to the pub. That's boring af, and not to mention super unsustainable.

You've decided to ditch the drink to enhance your health... so, surely you care about the health of the planet too? You've taken a sober step to feel good, but wouldn't it feel even better if you felt good about your impact too? Lucky for you we've put our most reviewed non-alcoholic spirits in a nifty chart so you know exactly how good your drink choices are.

How ethical are these non-alcoholic spirits?

These scores are based on crowdsourced ratings across various aspects of these products' ethicality and sustainability principles. Visit reallygoodculture.com for more.

6 Top Rated Non-Alcoholic Spirits

Anddddd in first place we have Salcombe Gin's 0% gin alternative.

Salcombe Gin are making G&T's sober...so you can enjoy the simple pleasure of a refreshing (environmentally friendly) G&T on a warm British evening. Ahh, what's better than that?

As far as non alcoholic gins go this home-grown, environmentally conscious pick will keep your liver and the planet happy.

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Coming in at a close second we have Pentire's Coastal Spritz.

It's the (socially and eco conscious) cousin of everyone's beloved aperol spritz. Now, all you sober baddies can hop on the Italian bandwagon and indulge in aperitivo hour this summer. Saluti!

Wildjac consider the environment at every stage in their business process; from their conscious production and small-batch ethos, to their commitment to give back 1% of their profits to environmental charities and non-profits, it's safe to say that Wildjac are a sustainable choice.

Plus their non-alcoholic tipple is the real deal. When it tastes that good, does that much good, you know that making Wildjac your go to will only bring you goodness!

Names can often be deciving, so before you assumed that ISH spirits are only good-ish, let us assure you that they are GOODER than good.

Plus this London Botanical Spirit is del-ISH-ous too! Do you see what I did there?

Another almost but not quite like gin drink, Bax Botanics' Sea Buckthorn alcohol-free spirit has been crafted with bittersweet orange, aromatic herbs, and Sea Buckthorn berries to give you the same zesty finish as a gin without the dehydration and toxins.

Kind to the planet, Bax Botanics uses only responsibly sourced and organically certified herbs and ingredients and their bottle labels are printed on waste material from sugar production.

This warm, aromatic blend of Allspice & Cardamom is so warming it will warm you from the inside out. What it won't do, however, is warm the planet.

That's right Seedlip are bonafide sustainability stars. They're so committed to protecting nature that they have even come up with a way to make their packaging out of mushrooms. Yep, you heard that right: they use mycelium technology to create durable, lightweight, alternative packaging material that breaks down in compost or flower beds in 40 days.

Choosing Seedlip means choosing high-quality, conscious non-alcoholic spirits that protect nature, not destroy it.

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