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the breakthrough score™

The Breakthrough Score™ is a predictive AI indexing tool for any and every global FMCG product.

It ranks every product (out of 100) on how likely the product is to be successful in its respective category. 

The algorithm is comprised of 3 core elements: dayjsum Score, Popularity Score and Consumer Sentiment Aggregation.

breakthrough score
breakthrough score

Range review coming up? Time for A big category refresh?

The easiest way to grow revenue in your category...

THE ‘FUTUREs OF’ reports...

The most powerful category insight reports ever made. Apart from those other ones. They’re great too.

The Future Of Reports don’t only give rich category and consumer insights but also shine a light on the 20 (or so) most likely products to break through! Not hand-picked by us, but simply a list of products with the highest Breakthrough Scores™ in their category.

Download below for an insightful read. Or enquire above and build a ‘Future Of’ Report just like these ones, only for YOUR desired category.


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